Yield farming platforms present one of the greatest opportunities for individuals to secure outsized gains for their portfolios. This revolution in financial technology continues to grow over time, presenting new opportunities and challenges for users. One of the largest emergent hurdles comes in the form of user retention and general platform engagement. While profit serves as an enticing motive, it does little to incentivize platform loyalty when higher yields appear elsewhere. This culture of mercenary yield farming has opened many stakers to outsize risks that might not remain readily apparent at face value.
Monster Farming solves many issues associated with contemporary yield farming by blending the most engaging elements of gamified blockchain applications (GameFi) and yield farming platforms. By introducing gamified elements that offer users additional in-game assets that can augment yield, Monster Farming adds an additional layer on top of traditional yield farming. Rather than relying on altruism or loyalty, Monster Farming rewards players for their loyalty in a gamified environment.
Players can stake the MFA native token to unlock VIP statuses that empower them to participate in passive yield derived from player activity on the platform. Algorithmically generated events ensure a sustainable incentive system for the most loyal players. Players that keep their asserts staked for longer periods enjoy more frequent item drops, maximizing the incentive to stay on the platform. The level progression system and rarity hierarchy of items offer users a genuinely enjoyable and engaging secondary incentive structure.
The benefits arising from accruing and leasing in-game items and characters benefit players with passive income derived from their past work. Additionally, players receive staking bonuses in the form of more frequent drops of in-game items when they keep their assets staked for longer periods. Monster Farming pioneers these features as the first-of-its-kind gamified yield farming platform. Gamified, platform-native incentive structures successfully circumvent the current mercenary yield farming platforms culture, many of which forego sustainability for short-term gains. In this way, Monster Farming serves as the first gamified yield farming platform and remains well-positioned to stand the test of time!
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