Asset Leasing

Hero Leasing

Players can lease several assets in the world of Monster Farming. When not using their Heroes to fight monsters and earn yield, players can lease them to other players. Users can set customized leasing parameters, ensuring that they receive their desired level of compensation for the use of their Hero. This functionality also gives newcomers the ability to spend crypto to move quickly and gain rarer rewards faster. The implications of this system entail a perpetual potential income stream for users who have leveled up their Heroes. In this way, Monster Farming provides users with a long-term, sustainable value add derived exclusively from their activity on the platform.

Monster and Arena Leasing

Additionally, players can lease monsters and arenas to earn income derived from players who are staking their assets in that given area and fighting that given monster. Unlike the randomness associated with monster and arena combat in Monster Farming, players remain free to select whichever arena or monster they want to lease. The greater the proportional share of the leased monster or asset, the greater share of rewards the leaser will receive. For example, if two players lease a given arena, then rewards derived from that arena will be split between these two leasers.
The yield for leasing derives from a small portion of funds from players in that given arena or monster. Players occasionally miss loot or forego the full amount of their staking rewards due to leaving combat too early, offering a small accruement of funds that serve as rewards for leasers. Leasing arenas and monsters offer players the opportunity to diversify their income between both staked assets and the performance of the Monster Farming platform and given monsters and arenas. Users who find arenas or monsters undervalued in terms of staking rewards can form unique strategies to maximize their in-game rewards!