Three types of heroes currently comprise the fight to reclaim the wealth of humanity. Each of these powerful warriors boasts their own story, characteristics, and bonuses. Players can personalize their heroes using equipment, allowing for diverse combinations of strategies and tactics. As heroes battle, they gain experience and level up. The greater the amount of investment and staked assets, the faster a hero will grow in level. This configuration rewards players loyal to the Monster Farming platform while also ensuring a balanced system that rewards dedication in the fight against the monsters.
Monster Farming has crafted a careful mathematical basis for the process of leveling up your heroes. Variables such as hero level, amount of staked assets, total average investment size, and average APR of a given investment impact the relative experience accrued to a hero from a given battle. Additionally, supporting soldiers, arena and monster bonuses, and other components factor into this process. In these ways, Monster Farming provides a powerfully gamified yet reliable combat experience.

Kaultuth, The Geomancer

The story of Kaultuth mirrors the struggle of humanity and the invasion of the monsters. Being a sickly child whose mother died in childbirth, Kaultuth served as a deep motivation for his father. The expensive medicines required to keep Kaultuth alive motivated his father to work tirelessly to accumulate the money needed to heal his son. Once accrued, the unthinkable occurred – the global financial system collapsed instantly, leaving the family once again financially destitute. The distraught father gnashed his teeth in anguish.
However, a silver lining quickly emerged. As an engineer, Kaultuth’s father created a digital hero in the image of his son. Untethered from his sickly, physical body, this electronic representation of Kaultuth boasts boundless energy and potential, aiding humanity’s fight against the monsters on the other side of the portal! Now, Kaultuth works to reclaim his father’s lost wealth and heal his physical body to match his powerful digital form.
Ability – Kaultuth’s magic aura increases the defense of all soldiers.

Manuquin, The Necromancer

It’s easy to get lost in a big city, and Manuquin once inhabited the biggest of them all. The streets themselves smelled of money and opportunity. However, to participate, you need to exist, and unfortunately for Manuquin, he did not. Absent from any global registry and responsible for several haphazard incidents, the mysterious and cynical nobody lusts after power and control. Likening himself to a puppet master, Manuquin has pulled the strings of countless calamities. Accruing wealth while not officially existing served as a measure of his cunningness. However, all at once, that measure evaporated.
Manuquin adopted a new ethos somewhere between annoyed and distraught: “Submit or perish.” Brazenly acting in the open, his unaligned yet malignant nature was on full display for both humanity and the monsters. While assisting in retrieving the wealth of humanity from beyond the portals, Manuquin seeks only to enrich himself. This happenstance alignment of goals makes him a powerful ally to humanity… so long as they continue to dance to this puppet master’s tune.
Ability – Manuquin’s shrewd business sense reduces the cost of all soldiers.

Angelum Aureum, The Heavenly Warrior

Faith is a powerful force, helping humanity push through even the most destitute situations. The belief in the inevitable is what ultimately reunited two brothers, separated a birth. The twins led very different lives before their reunification. One was sold to bandits, slowly rising through the ranks to become a renowned fighter. Despite this grit and demeanor, this brother cared for the needy and poor, ensuring those who were most downtrodden received glimmers of hope in the darkness. The other brother grew up in a monastery, toiling daily and keeping the deep faith of humanity alive.
On the day the monsters invaded, these two brothers, separated at birth, happened to reunite in their struggle to protect humanity. Having lived so close to one another, yet so far apart in upbringing, the brothers were inspired to work tirelessly to protect others. They created a virtual hero in the name of unity and faith and strive to return humanity’s lost wealth to those that need it most!
Ability – Deep faith increases the health regeneration of all soldiers.


To aid in the fight, players can hire soldiers to assist their heroes. These soldiers deal additional damage, automatically claim resources dropped by monsters, and generally aid heroes in their fight. Players can only hire soldiers using revenue accrued from staking, ensuring that dedicated players receive the greatest combat advantage. Each soldier boasts an elemental affinity in the form of Earth, Water, Fire, or Nature, offering unique benefits depending on the arena and type of monster.
Soldiers can level up to level 100, allowing for unique combinations of skill and strategy. The cost of each soldier directly relates to the staked amount of user funds, the associated APR, and the level of the soldier in question.
There are three types of soldiers in the world of Monster Farming:


These brave soldiers rely on their brute strength to defeat their opponents.

Mage Warrior

These soldiers draw upon the power of ancient and revered magic to slay monsters.

Mage Support

These comparatively fragile soldiers use magic to aid their fellow combatants and turn the tide of battle.