The Monster Farming World
It only took a few minutes for the uncanny monsters to break through the void and enter our world! Unlike the terrors depicted in comic books or media, these feckless foes instead targeted an unexpected yet crucial aspect of humanity: our global financial system. Like sly central bankers working at warp speed, the monsters drained humanity’s wealth and disappeared as quickly as they came! Perhaps the sheer shock of the event left people around the world unaware of the financial calamity that had occurred. However, it took only a few minutes for the sobering reality to set in – everyone was suddenly without money!
All forms of money and currency, digital, electronic, or otherwise, had evaporated from the world. As a representation of human energy, the monsters used the abstraction of money to fuel themselves! The carefully planned financial systems designed by humans collapsed suddenly and all at once. Without some form of backing, humans were left to rediscover how to abstract their economic activity into new forms of wealth.
While humorous on the surface, the tenuous balance of the global economy was laid bare for all to see. Countless people lost their livelihoods, with many more losing their lives without means to trade for food and other essential services effectively. This shocking event hardened humanity – they must reclaim their wealth and financial system at any cost.
As luck, or perhaps carelessness by the monsters, would have it, humanity discovered several portals shortly after the financial calamity. Initial experiments were skeptical, but it soon proved to be humanity’s golden ticket of hope. The portal led to the world of the monsters! A glimmer of hope emerged.
However, this discovery came with challenges. Physical beings ranging from biological life to our most advanced robots were successfully repelled by a mysterious force surrounding the portal. While interactive, the gateway to the monsters remained firmly closed to tangible beings on Earth. Monsters could come out, but humans could not enter.
The curious nature of humanity inevitably led to a breakthrough discovery. Recent experiments revealed that the portals were accessible via digital technologies! The portals’ carefully crafted and mysterious shields could be overwritten to allow humans to enter. The hardened minds of humans traumatized by the sudden collapse of their global financial order found an outlet in reclaiming what was once lost. The strongest human explorers earned the title of “Hero,” creating a new and highly esteemed role in humanity’s social order.
The rise of the Heroes signals a new chapter in humanity’s fight against the monsters to reclaim their lost wealth. A fierce war rages behind the mysterious portals, with Heroes often returning with rare loot and valuable items. We need all the help we can get to turn the tide of battle. Gear up, connect, and prepare for the fight of your life as we reclaim the wealth of humanity and traverse the winding path to greatness!
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