Monster and Arenas


The monsters that plague humanity and inhabit the portals boast as much diversity as the heroes themselves. Each monster maintains its own statistics and skills that heroes must consider when engaging in combat. A monster’s power directly relates to the amount of staked assets for a given user and the average amount of staked assets on the Monster Farming platform. Similarly, a monster’s power also considers the individual players’ APR compared to the total APR on the platform, along with variables such as the number of soldiers, their bonuses, and their associated characteristics.
Monsters represent staking positions in Monster Farming. When the player strikes the monster, they receive an amount of the crypto corresponding to their selected staking position depending on the associated APR and other bonuses. Occasionally, the player will receive a small portion of community-derived assets as a bonus when fighting monsters. During combat, monsters drop diverse loot and equipment in the form of NFTs. The rarity and type of loot and equipment dropped occurs randomly and receives a bonus based on support from mage soldiers.


Each arena in Monster Farming has an elemental affiliation of Earth, Water, Fire, or Nature, impacting a user’s combat strategy. These elements influence the effectiveness of your soldiers and the bonuses they provide to the player. In each arena, players will find chests that appear containing loot and quantities of cryptocurrency. A portion of these assets derives from the funds spent by players to hire soldiers and grow their strength. The remaining portion of these assets comes from the community portfolio. A proprietary configuration ensures a perpetual reward system that will stand the test of time while rewarding players who participate over the long term.
Similar to monsters, players cannot preselect the elemental affiliation of the arena in which they will fight. This randomization process ensures sufficient challenges for players and rewards for players who lease monsters and arenas, which we will discuss momentarily. The unknown component on elemental affiliation for both monster and arena prompts players to deploy dynamic strategies that do not become over-reliant on a specific configuration. For example, a user leaning too heavily towards fire elements may have a disadvantage should they find themselves fighting a monster boasting a water affinity in an arena that also has a water affinity. The many possible combinations arising from these dynamics offer players an engaging, gamified experience!

Initial Farming Offer (IFO)

One of the most equitable aspects of Monster Farming comes in the form of the Initial Farming Offer (IFO). During the initial launch period of the Monster Farming platforms, stakers will receive units of the native Monster Farming token (MFA) in addition to their staking rewards. This period represents an equitable distribution of platform-native assets to users who provide value to the Monster Farming ecosystem. Such an incentive structure further entices users to utilize the platform and works seamlessly in tandem with the native gamification of Monster Farming. By rewarding users who initially capitalize the platform’s staking activities and gamified elements, the platform attains a head start in terms of sustainable incentive structures.