MFA Native Token
As with most blockchain platforms, Monster Farming utilizes a native token to further incentive player action and facilitate dynamic rewards. The MFA token has a fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens.
This native token serves as a medium of exchange on the platform and can be used for payments. Additionally, players must retain a certain number of MFA tokens in their wallets to utilize more advanced platform features, such as monster and arena leasing services. Future updates to the Monster Farming platform will include a reduction in cost for in-game items and soldier costs for players that hold a certain number of MFA tokens. Finally, players with a certain number of tokens can participate in algorithmically generated events. These events present promising opportunities to secure rewards in the form of cryptocurrency and exclusive rare in-game items.
MFA token utility is broken down via VIP levels. Monster Farming contains three VIP levels, which offer players increasingly beneficial rewards.
· VIP 1
o Requires 200 MFA tokens
o Unlocks the ability to lease monsters and arenas
· VIP 2
o Requires 400 MFA tokens
o Unlocks the ability to lease heroes for passive income
· VIP 3
o Requires 1000 MFA tokens
Unlocks the ability to access algorithmically generated Monster Farming events
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