Technical Mechanics and Incentives
Monster Farming focuses firmly on adding deep value to the community. Foregoing hierarchical value extraction ensures a fairer and more sustainable ecosystem overall. The platform accomplishes this aim in several ways that we have discussed thus far. The nearly endless combinations of heroes, soldiers, arenas, and monsters make for a dynamic and engaging gameplay environment. However, Monster Farming simultaneously rewards the player with more than gameplay enjoyment by maximizing the value of their yield while rewarding them with in-game assets that retain tangible value.
These diverse incentives and more ensure that players will find ample opportunities for profit and enjoyment when engaging with the platform, helping Monster Farming stand the test of time as the first GameFi sustainable yield platform!

Boost Farming

Jumping in and out of staking positions has become a cornerstone of yield farming culture. While the race to maximize return remains an important consideration, we have witnessed the development of loyalty programs that more readily retain users’ liquidity. Monster Farming utilizes these programs in a novel way to retain user interest while maximizing their yield.
The proprietary boost farming system allows users who stake their assets for longer periods a greater chance to earn rarer loot. Players who keep their assets staked and continue to fight monsters will find chests containing items and crypto rewards drop more frequently. This process incentivizes users with in-game and fungible monetary rewards to ensure deeper liquidity for the platform and exciting incentives for stakers.
Rarity Hierarchy and Equipment In-game items in Monster Farming boast a rarity hierarchy, similar to that found in classic RPG games. Players can earn rarer items by keeping their assets staked in the platform and fighting monsters. When equipped, these items present players with a greater probability to earn more in-game items and cryptocurrency, presenting a positive feedback loop of engagement and value! Players can lease their equipment for stable income over time or sell it in the native marketplace for a one-time fee.
Like real word items, equipment in Monster Farming slowly breaks down over time when used. Players can repair their items by finding or purchasing relevant materials from the native marketplace or can combine like items. For example, a player with three of the same, well-worn item can combine them to repair that item.

Asset Leasing Systems

We have explored how players can lease arenas and monsters to diversify their income and secure passive yield derived from player activity. However, Monster Farming takes this process a step further and allows players to lease their equipment and characters to one another. Players may find an enticing yield outside the platform that they can’t pass up. While removing their staked assets from the platform will reset their bonuses, players naturally retain their heroes and equipment associated with their wallets.
To maximize these earned in-game assets, Monster Farming allows players to lease their equipment and heroes to one another. This process allows players who would rather pay a fee to secure more powerful heroes or equipment while simultaneously benefiting players who have put in the time and effort to level up their heroes and find outstanding equipment. This process presents residual income for players who have utilized Monster Farming for yield generation, incentivizing continued engagement with the platform and further gamifying the process of yield farming!

Native Marketplace

The native marketplace of Monster Farming offers users the opportunity to secure rare items that can be used in combat and sell items that they no longer find useful. Additionally, users can purchase items used for crafting from this marketplace, allowing them to repair their equipment. Initially, the marketplace will contain only common and a few uncommon items. However, as players find loot and become the first to list said loot in the marketplace, the diversity of items will grow. This configuration allows for natural price discovery for rarer items while not setting a floor price that may prove too high or low for users. In this way, Monster Farming facilitates a sustainable, player-generated marketplace.


Monster Farming boasts over 400 unique items for players to craft, each with a rarity hierarchy! Currently, players can only craft equipment. Future updates to the platform will introduce consumable items for players to craft, offering unique time-based bonuses that can turn the tide of battle. Together with repairing equipment with resources or like equipment, Monster Farming also contains set bonuses for equipment within the same family. With a total of 30 different sets of equipment, players can further hone their combat strategies, thoughtfully creating the items they find the most beneficial to their play style.
At launch, players can forge new items and repair worn or broken equipment at the crafting place. In the future, players will also be able to enchant their equipment, further diversifying their abilities and strategy. In this way, crafting serves as one of the cornerstones of the Monster Farming platform, empowering users with nearly endless combinations of creative enjoyment!