Our mission
The mission of Monster Farming is to develop a sustainable yield farming platform that lives up to the ethos of blockchain and decentralization. The goal of Bitcoin was never to make its creator unfathomably wealthy. Rather, it was built to serve as the initial building block that fomented a financial revolution that continues to define a generation. Similarly, Monster Farming eschews the ethos of making a quick buck off the mass adoption of these crucial decentralized financial technologies. The adoption curve of blockchain applications remains in its infancy and has only recently broken out of the innovator and into the early adoption stage of the cycle. For these reasons, Monster Farming focuses firmly on the long-term value and applicability of blockchain technology and its evolving use cases.
The platform will continue to function in perpetuity without human intervention. The algorithmic creation of events, token buyback and burns, and value redistribution mechanics ensure an orderly flow of user incentives that will stand the test of time. This sustainable configuration ensures that as yield farming applications become more attractive to a general audience, the platform will firmly enjoy a first-mover advantage, having pioneered the intersection of yield generation and GameFi. The scalable nature of this system entails integrating with a multitude of layer one blockchain networks, ensuring the maximum scope of applicability for Monster Farming. As the blockchain ecosystem grows, so does the scale of Monster Farming.
We firmly believe that blockchain technology will, in part, define the future of the global financial industry. As more nuanced complementary technologies come online, early adopters deserve a stalwart ecosystem that empowers them to maximize the latent value of their digital assets. Monster Farming fills this role elegantly by blending yield farming and GameFi, offering players a fun and profitable experience that will stand the test of time! Our commitment to sustainable and gamified yield farming stands at the heart of our value proposition.
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