Quantification of Combat Scenarios
Monster Farming utilizes hard mathematics to arrive at quantifiable conclusions in each combat scenario. The rigidity of these calculations in tandem with the flexibility to combat strategy makes for a highly engaging gameplay experience that combines predictability with randomness. The most engaging gamified platforms presciently blend these forces to ensure users can improve their strategies over time while remaining challenged by the measured randomicity of the considered variables. Monster Farming has carefully considered these proven, engaging gameplay aspects and has reversed engineered them to maximize user engagement!

Monster Strength Calculation

A monster’s base statistics and skills serve as the basis for its relative strength calculation—the more powerful the monster, the more damage accrued to a player’s soldiers. Additionally, factors such as the total amount of staked assets of the given user, the total assets staked on the given monster across the Monster Farming platform, and the total APRs of both the user and the average APR of the Monster Farming platform all impact a given monster’s strength. The formula for this calculation is as follows:

User APR Calculation

Each monster in Monster Farming represents a staking position. When users engage in combat with a monster, it will drop variable amounts of a user’s chosen staked asset derived from the yield of their staking position. Additionally, the player will receive additional units of FMA as a bonus, which factors into the total APR calculation. The formula for this calculation is as follows:

Equipment Drop Calculation

Monsters drop equipment with variable rarity and quality. The calculation for equipment rarity utilizes randomness and considers mage support to derive the probability of a given item’s drop rate. The formula for this calculation is as follows: